Love Letter from the Editor

By Jennifer Solow | May 15, 2017
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Jennifer Solow

There’s something about the word “gratitude” I just don’t like. It reminds me of a bowl of oatmeal with some nuts and raisins tossed on top. It’s unnecessarily soupy, prepackaged, sorely bereft of calories and butterfat. It’s a noun that has, in recent years, been pummeled into verb-like usage, as if it was something people do or aspire to be. We go looking for it in the aisles of health food stores and on the packages of protein bars. We think we just might find a bit of it if only we only ate more raw foods and less dairy.

I prefer the word “thanks,” which seems to flow like a river in all directions. I can have it. I can take it. I can give it away. It’s a one-word prayer, maybe the only one you’ll ever need. It’s the single word you have to learn to buy a baguette in Paris or a bowl of curried noodles in Chiang Mai. It’s the only thing you need to know to repair a broken friendship or begin a new one. Rarely do you have to have a ton of it to feel full. Just a nibble here and there is usually enough.

There are only so many pages in this magazine to say thanks to all the women in my life who give so much. To those beautiful faces who don’t grace these pages but still inspire us every day: Nan, Jordan, Tallulah, Sue, Jane, Laurie, Robin, Allison, Karen, Jude, Nona, Sharon, Deana, Laura Lee, Colleen, Bree, Jenn, Chloe, Sophie, Lydia, Alisha, Lauren, Nina, Amanda, Bridget, Antonella, Sandy, Nicole, Ellie, Ana, Vanessa, Terri, Linda, Claudia, Julia, Susan, Gina, Helen, Wendy, Jennifer, Aia, Corey, Tracy, Lesley, Benigna, Karin, Sarah, Peggy, Gibson, Phoebe, Zoe, Megan, Jane, Amy, Lucie, Lynn, Feliz, Risa, Dallas, Milena, Nubia, Lisa, Jill, Isabel, Kris, Tika, Nancy, Polina, Laura, Dre, Kathleen, Josette, Audrey, Arianne, Eve, Ann, Deborah, Kate, Nancy, Emma, Janis, Beth, Rena, Kelli, Tempi, Elizabeth, Emily, Linda, Marlene, Rachel, Katie, Gloria, Carol, Diana, Marina, Anita, Samantha, Joy, and the many I am forgetting as I write this love letter. I wish I had an entire book for each of you, but I only have this tiny spot.

Maybe I was wrong about how much thanks we need to have each day. A nibble is never enough.

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